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Why a cycling team? I seem to be doing pretty good on my own.

And I bet you're kicking butt! For those of us with less internal motivation, a team is a great resource to seek training advice, carpool to races, vent about stupid bottom bracket standards, or just have a great person at the end of an epic ride to cheers a glass to. Additionally, having an official non-profit makes it much easier to organize and work with charitable events and spread the mission of getting more people in the Triangle area on bikes!

Why a FAQ? How Frequently are people Asking Questions?

Good question! Since none of us are web developers, and this page was automatically suggested, here we are. I guess it ended up being worth this effort- you're reading it aren't you?

You guys seem super funny, attractive, and good at bikes. How can I join?

Aww, shucks. If you're interested in joining the team, the best way is to keep coming out to our weekly events- the team takes the idea of adding anyone to the team very seriously. New members are sponsored by a current teammate who holds a vote with the team, so come on out and start making friends!

How serious about racing do I need to be to ride with y'all?

This is an easy one to answer. To quote our president Liz, 

"On our team there are many serious racers.
None of our team are serious people."

Old North prioritizes making the normally exclusionary sport of cycling as accessible and approachable as possible. While many of us enjoy competing, it's only a portion of our mission.

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